The CereTax platform was built for versatility in compliance (blog series: 2 of 2)

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Mar 11, 2024
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In the fast-paced world of finance and taxation, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and reporting is paramount. Finance teams constantly grapple with complex data, intricate regulations, and the imperative to remain compliant. Enter the CereTax platform — a game-changing solution that is revolutionizing the landscape of indirect tax management.

In our previous blog post we shed light on the versatility of the CereTax platform and the value of having a single source of truth when navigating the labyrinth of tax liability across multiple verticals, tens of thousands of jurisdictions, and an ocean of regulations. Today, we’ll look at the power of versatile rules, data visualization, and multi-variate reporting that allows businesses to handle the daunting task of tax compliance.


Harness Your Data with Rule Versatility

Our last blog in the series spoke on the versatility of CereTax's rule engine, which lays the foundation for logic-based data mappings. This feature can be invaluable for businesses, particularly when dealing with tax liability within GL accounts. Gone are the days of manual cross-referencing and time-consuming verifications — CereTax centralizes all of it. The all-in-one tax automation tool gives you the ability to control intricate details of your tax policy which is paired with a powerful dashboard to make tax management a seamless part of your business’ operations.


A 30,000 Foot Tax Overview

The ability to see the full scope of your tax situation is simple with an interactive dashboard that empowers users with an unprecedented level of analytical review. This dashboard brings the power of visualization to the forefront, allowing finance teams to identify trends, anomalies, and potential areas of concern with just a glance. Getting a complete aerial view of your company’s tax landscape can be done effortlessly without piping the data into third-party software, which would require a separate license cost and development effort. This dashboard overview can be customized with a variety of report types depending on the needs of your finance team.

CereTax dashboard overview
CereTax dashboard overview


The In-Depth Reporting You Actually Need

Customization, especially when it comes to reporting, is at the heart of the CereTax platform. The solution gives you limitless possibilities to customize reports that align with your downstream data requirements and the oversight needs of your stakeholders. The arduous task of reporting is simplified as the platform effortlessly filters, transforms, and summarizes data. This not only expedites reconciliations but also ensures compliance is easy for your team to manage without the need to patch together incomplete reports.

Beyond customization within a single report, you can create any number of custom report templates from scratch, run your reports concurrently, and schedule your recurring reports to run automatically. The solution ensures your team does not have to compromise due to limitations – whether it's one report or two dozen, the reporting you need is right at your fingertips. This level of flexibility redefines efficiency in indirect tax management, transforming what was once a daunting process into a simple workflow.

Flexible reporting options keep you prepared for any audit defense. Rather than running dozens of reports to gather the data for an audit period, your team can retrieve all the necessary data in a single report for the given jurisdiction and lookback period. Legacy systems require frantic last-minute searches and ad-hoc data and reporting compilations – CereTax ensures that your historical data is organized and easily retrievable.


These are just a few of the ways CereTax is revolutionizing how businesses manage sales tax when to comes to reporting and compliance. From navigating complex data mappings to interactive analytics and customizable reporting, CereTax was built for the modern tax landscape. The solution’s ability to filter, modify, and summarize data simplifies financial operations, while its historical reporting functionality ensures audit readiness.

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