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Let us help you find the right solution for your business.

CereTax was born from the desire to ease the burden of managing the sales tax process.

Whether it is calculating and collecting the right taxes on every transaction, facilitating compliance reporting, ensuring you are paying the right taxes, or helping you uncover overpaid sales tax dollars, CereTax is here for you. Our team of dedicated tax professionals will get to know you and understand your business so we can implement the most effective sales tax solution.

Give us 30 minutes and we will show you how CereTax's indirect tax solutions can save you countless hours and reduce risk when dealing with sales tax.

Need help with a sales tax issue, big or small?

We can answer your questions whether you are a customer, a potential customer, or just a business owner with a few tax questions. The team at CereTax is ready to answer your questions or to connect you with one of our trusted partners who can help.