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Automating sales and use tax
so your business can...

Grow Painlessly

Let CereTax handle sales taxes when you add new products, add new markets, acquire companies, and do it all through one solution.

Be Audit Ready

Be prepared at all times with on-demand detailed reporting down to the transaction level, including taxability decisions and statute references.

Know Your Data

Deep, actionable analytics for your entire enterprise through one User Interface. Link business units and sales channels all through one unified platform.

Mitigate Risk

Grow your top line while protecting your bottom line from unforeseen fines and penalties due to incorrect sales tax. Protect shareholder value from unfunded liabilities.

the Sales Tax Platform  

We Solve Your Business Sales Tax Issues

CereTax has solutions for all your business sales and use tax issues. The CereTax suite of products help you:

Collect the correct sales taxes everywhere you do business

Avoid underpaying or overpaying taxes on purchases

Stay in compliance and be ready for audit

Get pinpoint GIS assessments on asset taxability

Easily track and report advanced analytics

Always get the answers when you need them

Developer-friendly APIs

APIs that are easy to understand, implement, and iterate, rather than building from scratch. Easy to connect in any language.

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