Why CereTax

Utilizing countless technological advancements, CereTax was engineered in a way that truly revolutionizes the way a tax calculation platform operates. We threw out the old paradigms of legacy solutions and designed CereTax to handle the challenges many companies face from speed and scalability to dependability and throughput.

Best-in-class solutions for your entire tax profile

Unify your enterprise.

Unlike tax systems with disparate applications, CereTax brings best-in-class sales tax calculation, situs determination, exemption management, and deep analytics into one powerful system. With an intelligent solution that seamlessly connects all of your sales, financial, and ERP systems, so you have the insights and agility to make the right moves, and make them with confidence.

The world is changing fast. Older sales tax solutions can’t keep up.

That’s why we designed a system that helps you move faster.

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Why we're different

Move into the future.

Leave the limitations of legacy systems behind and move forward faster with CereTax sales tax solutions. Only CereTax gives you the power to adapt quickly in a changing world.

The Sales Tax Cloud Platform

Own the power to adapt.

Change is relentless—and hard-coded, inflexible systems make it impossible to keep up. We designed CereTax to be open, extensible, and configurable, giving you the power to adapt—as often as you need. With a tax platform that automatically delivers the latest innovation, you’re always ready for what’s next.

Your experience is our top priority.

Your designated customer success manager will get to know your business; you will know their name and they will know yours. They will be there for you from deployment and beyond.


We’ll help you get comfortable using CereTax and connect you to relevant resources.

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