Intelligent Tax Solutions for Complex Businesses

CereTax is a true cloud sales tax solution built to scale to the needs of your business. Our platform allows your business to grow, enter new verticals, and minimize audit risks.

Go Beyond Tax Calculation With
CereTax Core Features  

Tax Decisions Explained

Explanations for taxability decisions along with statute and citation references are available at a transaction level right through the UI.

Advanced Rules Engine

Intuitive rules engine handles custom data management needs such as tax determinations, tax overrides and custom tables.

Precise Tax Assignments

Pinpoint accuracy with our industry first, proprietary GIS method – even for remote locations!

Robust Reporting & Analytics

Centralized reporting across all business units with search capabilities rather than static fields.

CereTax Solution



In milliseconds CereTax receives and returns the information to the order processing system.



CereTax sends the relevant information back to the billing platform or ERP and stores the necessary data for reporting


Returning data

The information CereTax received from the billing platform and returned with the correct taxes populates the invoice and line items.


Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics information is stored at the transaction level for accurate and detailed reports for internal use and audit reports.

Business Challenges That CereTax Solves

You need to determine taxability in multiple states and jurisdictions...

No longer is physical presence required for you to be liable for sales tax.

If you sell products across multiple jurisdictions, you may already have incurred a liability.

CereTax will remove the burden of knowing when, where, and how much you should collect and automate the process to keep you compliant.


Your nexus footprint changed...

With economic nexus now being the law of the land, more than likely your nexus footprint has grown.

Let CereTax help you navigate the muddy waters of sales tax compliance in this new world of commerce.


You sell through multiple channels...

Whether it is through physical stores, e-commerce, or reseller distribution channels, we can help.

CereTax provides one unified platform to manage all your sales tax complexities and keep you in compliance.


You want to be prepared for audits...

If you are involved in the tax department, odds are audits are always on your mind.

With CereTax, we not only help you automate the sales tax process, but every transaction can be traced to source data with reference statutes and reports.

Analytics for audits are fully customizable with just a few clicks.


Your tax platform isn't keeping up with your growing business...

As your business grows or changes, legacy solutions can be difficult to adapt to manage the complexities of your business.

You may experience timeouts, degradation in performance, or you just don't have the flexibility you need.

Let us show you how CereTax changes the game.


You have disparate systems from affiliates or resellers…

As you enter new verticals, launch new reseller channels, or acquire new businesses, you need one system of truth for all of your sales tax obligations.

Bring together all of your business units through one unified tax platform.

When it comes to indirect tax, we've got you covered

CereTax and our world class network of partners can solve all your business tax challenges. From sales to tax on purchases, exemption management, registrations and compliance, we can handle it all.

Easily integrate with any point-of-sale, billing platform, ERP or shopping cart with our API. CereTax will get to work the instant a purchase or invoice is started.


Your business tax solution needs to be fast and reliable even during the busiest times. CereTax's speed keeps your transactions processing on time and your data online so you can:

  • Send thousands of simultaneous API requests without even a blip.
  • Send line items, invoices, or batches of invoices in a single API call.
  • No longer have to wait in a queue or worry about timeouts.
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Accuracy is two-fold: the actual tax rate itself and the geolocation of the rate where it applies. With our in-house research staff, comprised of accountants and JD's, we track all changes down to the citation for every taxable jurisdiction in the US and Canada to ensure all tax rates are accurate and constantly updated in the platform. 

Maintaining and updating geocodes is a thing of the past. With our industry first, proprietary GIS method for pinpoint accuracy you can:

  • Situs remote locations for taxes.
  • Allocate taxes across multiple jurisdictions for physical equipment, pipelines, or other real property.
  • Benefit from latitude and longitude levels of precision.
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