About CereTax

The name CereTax is derived from Cerebral (adj) - Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect; intelligence, intellectual.

The CereTax Team

Why we are here

CereTax is here to show tax managers, tax directors, and CFO’s that someone has been listening. No longer are you limited to using antiquated technology and choosing between the same legacy platforms that have advanced slower than your own business.

We are here to offer sales tax professionals new technology that is nimble, dependable, scalable, and can change as fast as the challenges that they face every day. We provide a customer success model that lets them know they are valued.

Why should the tax department get ignored when it comes to advances in technology?

Our Investors

“Leader’s invests in companies for the long term.  We help them to grow sustainable companies that are flagbearers in their industry.  We look for experienced operators who have a vision for changing the landscape of the industries where they have a field of expertise and that is why we are excited to be a part of CereTax.”
Steve DeBacco

More About Us

With a team of leaders in the industry, we created CereTax to be the first tax automation solution built to take advantage of the countless technological advancements that have occurred since the last enterprise tax platform was developed over a decade ago.

We engineered CereTax in a way that truly transforms how a tax automation platform operates. We threw out the old paradigms and designed CereTax to handle the challenges many companies face with legacy solutions from speed and scalability, to dependability and throughput.

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