Alvaria accelerates sales and communications tax automation

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Mar 11, 2024
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Alvaria Overview

Alvaria is a leading provider of enterprise contact center solutions that include VoIP and related hardware. Like most companies in the telecom industry, it experiences high transaction volumes and collects sales tax, as well as communications taxes and fees.

Tax Challenges

Alvaria’s tax automation solution struggled to generate critical month-end reports. The reports took 24 hours to create and required vendor support tickets. Since a comprehensive report could not be generated by the solution, the compliance team had to spend hours manually consolidating multiple reports for month-end close.

In addition, Alvaria’s processing speed was limited to just 30 transactions per second and would be throttled for high volumes. Alvaria needed a solution that could generate reports quickly, scale on demand, and deliver faster transaction performance.

After extensive vendor research, Alvaria selected CereTax for its modern technology architecture and tax experience.


Alvaria’s tax challenges required a comprehensive and flexible solution that could be delivered without disrupting business operations.

CereTax conducted a needs assessment to establish gaps between the legacy solution’s performance and Alvaria’s current and future automation requirements. Then a strategic plan was put into action which allowed Alvaria to maintain the same tax policy and make a seamless switch to CereTax with no downtime.

"From a performance perspective, there isn’t even a comparison. CereTax is a far more advanced and capable platform than our prior solution,” said David Franko, director of global tax at Alvaria. As a result, Alvaria has reduced reporting time by 95% and critical reports no longer require support tickets or manual consolidation.

In addition, Alvaria’s tax automation solution easily scales to meet high transaction volumes with no performance degradation. “We send through upwards of 25 million API calls every month and the transactions process with lightning-fast results,” stated Franko.

By switching to CereTax, Alvaria saves 12 days of excessive work on reporting alone, and will reduce the total cost of ownership of its tax automation solution by hundreds of thousands of dollars.