Don't Lose Time When Your Sales Tax Platform Goes Down

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Mar 13, 2023
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Sales tax automation is critical to your business and its success — you rely on it to process your transactions, build reports, and keep you compliant. You need your sales tax platform to always be reliable whether it’s a standard day of business, month-end reporting, or one of the busiest times of the year i.e., Black Friday. However, when your tax automation solution is only backed by a 99.5% uptime SLA, then you could be down for over 7 minutes per day, almost an hour per week, over 3.5 hours per month, and almost two days per year. While you wait, here are five few things you can do in 7 minutes if your system goes down during the day.

  • Load and unload your dishwasher
  • Take a shower
  • Fold your laundry
  • Dust your furniture
  • Reheat leftovers

Joking aside, these critical minutes can hit at the worst time and when you need your tax platform to work the most. These setbacks can take a toll on your business and “just .5%” adds up when it comes to lost productivity and revenue. Most of the time, this does not even include the downtime for scheduled system maintenance, so you could actually wait even longer and risk falling even further behind.  

So, what can you do? If you are using a legacy platform hosted in a multi-tenant environment, there isn’t anything you can do other than hope and pray your tax platform does not fail you at the most critical times. With a 99.5% uptime SLA, having an unreliable tax platform down for nearly two days per year can cost your business in a big way.

Your best option is to switch to CereTax — our 99.99% uptime SLA will never let you down. CereTax runs mirrored, multi-regional east and west data centers. If all 3 of our primary facilities experience an outage, we auto-failover, in seconds, to 3 west facilities. With CereTax, maintenance windows and outages really are a thing of the past. We give you back your time and money, but most importantly — peace of mind.

If you want to see how CereTax keeps sales tax automation running as efficiently as possible and with truly minimal downtime, then watch this short video here: