CereTax is a proud partner of The Commpliance Group

The Commpliance Group

Companies navigating telecom compliance frequently underestimate the mind-bending complexity of a legal and regulatory environment built on shifting sands and, often, non-existent legal precedents. Companies that confront these challenges also tend to vastly over-estimate the cost of legal advice. An aversion to investing in an affordable legal consultation early in your company’s entrance into the telecom, VoIP, and Cloud Communications markets exposes companies to high (yet highly avoidable) risks. The hidden costs of getting no advice, or worse, bad advice, eventually rears its ugly head, ultimately costing multiples more than the modest upfront investment in obtaining sound, practical, and pragmatic guidance that is only available through an experienced telecom firm. Our unique ecosystem is home to partner firm, The Commpliance Group, on deck to actively manage your registrations, compliance filings, and tax returns for competitive fixed and predictable costs. Between our legal and consulting teams, we keep an active eye on the FCC and state regulators’ ever-changing requirements, help our clients keep compliance costs manageable, increase their competitive market position, and stay ahead of the game.

You need an intelligent tax platform built for the evolving tax landscape.