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CereTax was born from the desire to ease the burden of managing the sales tax process.

Whether it is calculating and collecting the right taxes on every transaction, facilitating compliance reporting, ensuring you are paying the right taxes, or helping you uncover overpaid sales tax dollars, CereTax is here for you with the right software and the right professionals who understand your business.

Give us 30 minutes and we will show you how easy it is to save countless hours and reduce risk when dealing with sales tax.

Solve your tax burden

Need help with a sales tax issue, big or small?

We can answer your questions whether you're a customer, a potential customer, or just a business owner with a few tax questions. Our team is ready to answer your questions or to connect you with one of our trusted partners who can help.

CereTax is here for you with the right software and the right professionals who understand your business.

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questions answered

CereTax is in a class of its own.

With over 17,000 ever-evolving jurisdictions...ever-changing tax rates...confusing tax laws…don’t you have enough to worry about?

Easily integrate our API and CereTax will automatically populate your invoices or shopping cart with the right taxes, the right amounts, and feed all the correct data to your financial systems. 

CereTax also provides all necessary reports and analytics to support month's end compliance filings.

One platform. Multiple verticals. Limitless expansion.

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See how CereTax P2P can find tax risks and reap rewards.

Don’t overpay. Don’t create liabilities.

CereTax P2P uses AI and a complex rules-based engine to make sure you pay the right indirect taxes every time.

The CereTax platform also helps you identify where you may have past overpayments that are recoverable.

A detailed tax applicability report gives immediate transparency into why a tax was, or was not, applied with tracing all the way back to the statute, so you are always prepared for any audit.

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CereTax Communications makes tax complexity simple.

Not only is Communications the most highly taxed vertical in the United States, but also the most complex.

Our team of industry professionals leveraged decades of experience to build CereTax, the most comprehensive solution ever created for the Communications industry.

Whether it is VoIP, Mobility, Private Line, IoT, or one of the other hundreds of specialized Communications products, CereTax can help.


Not only is communications the most highly taxed vertical in the United States, but also the most complex.  Let us show you how we took our decades of experience to build CereTax to be the most comprehensive solution for the communications industry.  Whether it is VoIP, IoT, Mobility, Private Line, or one of the other hundreds of specialized communications products, CereTax can help.

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CereTax Analytics will always keep your taxes on track.

You have enough to deal with. Let CereTax remove the entire sales tax burden from your day. 

From calculation, reporting, recording, all the way through to final filing and remittance, CereTax and our team of partners can handle it all.

Rest confident that you have the most advanced analytics and reporting to keep you compliant and always ready for an audit.

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See what CereTax and CertifyTax ECM can do for you.

Save time. Stay compliant. Invoice correctly. Be audit prepared.

Stop wasting time on the mundane task of hunting your customers down for their certificates. Automate Exemption Certificate Management and ensure you are audit ready with CertifyTax for CereTax ECM. 

Automate the certificate gathering process, house, and validate the relevant data to properly apply the correct exemptions within the CereTax platform.

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