See How CereTax Stacks Up

The Old Way

Long, expensive implementations that are resource intensive and costly.

Inflexible systems that require code changes to adapt to evolving business needs.

Shared infrastructure means performance lags during periods of peak demand. Transactions and reports can be unavailable during critical times.

Inability to scale for high volumes or growing business needs without time consuming and expensive infrastructure provisioning.

No visibility into the "why" or "how" products and services are taxed.

With CereTax

Streamlined implementation process that doesn't put pressure on your company's IT resources.
A rules driven platform allows you to make changes directly in the UI that adapts to your business needs.
The most advanced, true cloud infrastructure means you are never waiting in a queue behind another customer's activity.
No shared infrastructure means CereTax can instantly hyper-scale to meet your business demands without costly and time consuming infrastructure provisioning.
Granular visibility into all transactions down to the line item level for all tax rules and jurisdictions.

CereTax is transforming the way indirect tax is done

Older systems run on cobbled together software, old infrastructure, and can tap out at high transaction loads. CereTax solves these issues with state-of-the-art software, multi-regional AWS based back up, and scalability to meet any throughput. If you want to see how we're transforming the way sales tax is handled in the modern B2B landscape, reach out to us and we'll send you our competitor comparison sheet.