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About CereTax

The name CereTax is derived from Cerebral (adj) - Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect; intelligence, intellectual.

CereTax is the first tax automation solution built to take advantage of the countless technological advancements over the last decade and engineered in a way that truly transforms the way a tax calculation platform operates. We threw out the old paradigms and designed CereTax to handle the challenges many companies face with legacy solutions from speed and scalability, to dependability and throughput.


Two Simple Principles


After decades in the industry, we founded CereTax on two key principles:

1. Create the most advanced sales tax software ever brought to market, which means we will never stop innovating and enhancing our product or the way we deliver it to our customers.

2. Serve our customers with excellence, which means our team is fully committed to being a resource, not a vendor.

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