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A True Enterprise Grade Sales Tax Solution


Large businesses have demands that far exceed most tax platform's standard deployments.

Enterprise taxation requires a tax platform built for scale.

Large businesses have their own set of complexities to deal with when implementing tax policy. This causes the typical implementation of legacy solutions to require customizations that are not only expensive, but also require high levels of involvement from already stressed IT departments, and ongoing management burdens.

Unique challenges such as:

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  • Sales Tax Holidays
  • Complex returns processes
  • Multiple tender types
  • True omnichannel sales models
  • Disparate business units
  • Reseller and VAR distribution channels
  • And more...

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CereTax is at the forefront of tax solutions that scale.

CereTax Enterprise is the only true enterprise-level sales tax platform built in the last 20 years. We started with a whole new paradigm, which allowed us to take advantage of the most cutting-edge advancements in software development and cloud-computing technology, to create the most robust rules engine that will change the way you manage indirect taxes.



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