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CereTax ECM

We provide automated exemption certificate management in conjuction with our partners at CERTifyTax.

CereTax integrates with CERTifyTax to simplify exemption certificate management.

The CereTax platform alongside the CERTifyTax ECM solution makes managing and implementing exemptions across your customer base both easy and accurate. Most exemption products on the market are not much more than a repository with an email campaign attached. CereTax and CertifyTax ECM are built to help even the most complex businesses not only manage the certificate collection and maintenance, but the entire exemption workflow and compliance to ensure that you are not only applying the correct exemptions, but are completely ready for an audit.

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CereTax is uniquely qualified to handle ECM for communications providers.

The telecommunication industry is subject to multiple tax and fee types on both the state and federal levels. The application of tax as well as exemptions differs in each jurisdiction based upon the nature of the services provided. Lastly, the ability to exempt a tax or fee is based upon collecting specific certificates. Based upon these nuances telecommunication providers require tax technology specifically designed to address their complex businesses. CereTax and CERTifyTax have an integrated solution for applying taxes and exempting at the most granular levels in order to get the tax right.

Other solutions can only handle an exempt for one, exempt for all position, which leaves the provider open to huge liabilities for under-collected impositions and serious risk of audit.

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CereTax & CertifyTax exemption management lets you:

  • Easily Manage and Organize thousands of certificates and customer profiles.
  • Instantly apply the correct exemptions to your transactions without additional touchpoints in the tax engine.
  • Always implement the correct exemptions and know when and why they apply or don’t.
  • Apply exemptions by line item on the same invoice.  No other ECM solution has this capability.
  • Exemption certificates do not automatically exempt your customers from all taxes on all products.  CereTax with CertifyTax knows the difference.
  • Easily ensure valid certificates are always on hand and ready for audit.
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