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CereTax Communications

Built from the ground up by industry professionals with decades of experience navigating the complex tax and regulatory world of telecommunications.

Experience matters when dealing with this level of complexity

With the explosion of interconnected and non-interconnected VoIP, wireless communications, Internet of Things (IoT), private communication networks, and generally anything to do with the way people and businesses communicate, it is critical now more than ever to have a team that understands how tax and regulatory impositions affect you whether you are a direct provider or reseller.

Communications is the most taxed vertical in the United States.  Unlike our competition, who have separate instances required to serve communications, CereTax was built from the ground up by industry professionals with decades of experience navigating the complex tax and regulatory profiles of the communications industry.

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Communications tax is a challenge like no other

State and local sales taxes, utility users taxes, TRS fees, federal and state Universal Service Funds (USF), franchise fees, E911, and tax-on-tax, among others...

CereTax solves the tax and regulatory puzzle for communications for whatever flavor of communications you may provide including:

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