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Business Sales Tax Issues

CereTax has solutions for all your business sales and use tax issues. The CereTax suite of products help you:

  • Collect and remit the correct sales taxes everywhere you do business
  • Avoid underpaying or overpaying taxes on purchases
  • Stay in compliance and be ready for audit
  • Get pinpoint GIS assessments on asset taxability
  • Easily track and report advanced analytics
  • Always ready to help, personalized support



Let us help you solve your tax burden

See How CereTax Works

See How CereTax Works

Simplify sales tax for your business

In seconds your taxes are calculated, processed, and stored for your records. Check out our infographic to see the step-by-step process.

See Our Short Infographic

Reliable taxability content — constantly updated

Explanations for taxability decisions along with statute and citation references are available at a transaction level right through the web portal. 

At the heart of our calculation platform is robust taxability content covering the realm of goods and services for numerous industry segments including:  

  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Manufacturing
  • Computer software & IT services
  • Communications
  • Digital goods
  • Leases & rental agreements
  • Installation, repair, & maintenance contracts
  • Medical equipment
  • Construction
  • and much more…


Our team of tax professionals have meticulously researched the complex rules of indirect tax to deliver content that meets the highest level of precision.  In addition, we actively consult with our respected network of partner firms for an additional level of review and to ensure our team is up-to-date on current events and trends that could impact the tax landscape. 

Discover CereTax software solutions

With CereTax Solutions you can:

  •  Focus on revenue generating activities instead of sales tax
  •  Sleep easier knowing you are in compliance with sales tax laws
  •  Always feel prepared for audit
  •  Have actionable insights to all of your tax data








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